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Information about Oikofix

Oikofix is a free proofreading service for Finnish and other languages mainly spoken in Finland. It can be used for checking texts for possible typing and grammar errors. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and easy to use proofreading service for everyone.

This service is developed by Harri Pitkänen (hatapitk@iki.fi). Please get in touch if you have ideas on how to improve it. Fixes and new features are continuously added, sometimes even on a daily basis.

Supported languages

Finnish texts are checked using rules that mostly follow the recommendations of the Institute for the Languages of Finland. Grammar checker is also available and will check the texts for some typical grammar errors. The default spell checking dictionary is suitable for general texts. You can also choose to use a special dictionary that contains additional terms from natural sciences and medicine or another that accepts common words from spoken language, dialects and old Finnish. The Finnish proofreader is based on Voikko.

Northern Sámi speller is based on work produced in Divvun project. Grammar checker for Northern Sámi is not available yet.

English spell checkers are available for American English and British English. These spell checkers are based on word lists taken from the SCOWL database.

The spell checker for British English does not accept words written with Oxford spelling. Thus it will reject word realize and prefers the form realise. If you choose to use Oxford spelling in your writing it is correct to do so as long as you systematically follow that convention.

History of Oikofix

Oikofix was born in October 2014. It is the successor of Finnish spell checking service Webvoikko which was published in January 2007. The major difference between Webvoikko and Oikofix is that Oikofix supports multiple languages and the service itself is available in English.

Other tools


Finnish special dictionaries have been updated to latest versions. These contain hunderds of new words and other improvements.